Agricultural Testing

Agricultural Testing

The quality of input material, in terms of nutrient-rich soil, fertilizers, etc, used for enhancing a crop and its yield form the most crucial part of the farming process. Especially for large and commercial agricultural projects that have tons of agricultural produce to sell. Fertile and nutritious soil provides the necessary nutrients, and water supports the healthy growth of the plant. Fertilizers further provide essential nutrients to the crops, and the regulators help the plant with better growth and flowering & fruition.

A garden full of healthy fruit & vegetable-laden trees is the most beautiful site to watch. Such vistas are the result of hard work and nurturing, right from providing proper fertilizer to testing the soil for its acceptable Ph level. 

The soil samples collected from the agriculture sites determine the soil’s health. These parameters determine the good health of a plant, and the results generated from the tests give us a basis for profitable agriculture decisions.

Suman Laboratories provide agricultural testing services for every step from seed to harvest. We perform the latest analytical testing on grain, fruit, poultry, soil, tissue for dairy farms, and livestock centers. If you’re looking to increase production or solve issues with your crops, Suman Lab’s expert scientists will test your agriculture samples and offer to consult to improve your yields and quality. Our highly trained scientists customize each agricultural test to the needs of the client, focused on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). GAP and Good Handling Practices (GHP) help verify that fruit, vegetables, and other crops, and produced, handled, and stored in a method that minimized risk from microbial food safety hazards.

Why We Test Certain Agricultural Products

Whether you’re a family farmer, or run a commercial farm, testing certain elements of your landscape require testing to ensure safety and optimal growth. Suman Laboratories agricultural testing services survey major parts of your farm for a variety of integral purposes:

The objective of soil analysis is to inventory the soil’s levels of nutrients and its chemical composition. If your soil’s nutrients are off their baseline, your crops could suffer from damaged yields or even fail to grow properly. You can solve this with nutrient solutions and lime applied in an environmentally friendly way. Suman Lab will perform a deep soil analysis to help you control your costs, maximize returns, and protect the environment.

Compost is an essential piece of farming, used alongside soil to improve both soil structure and nutrient content. Manure can also add essential nutrients to feed your crops, reducing the need for commercial fertilizers and nutrient solutions.

For manufacturers of fertilizer all along the supply chain, quality testing ensures products exceed quality and content specifications. Suman Lab will help make sure both the raw ingredients and final product meet your standards and those of farmers.

While not everyone thinks of water as a nutrient, it’s the most essential one for plants (along with sunlight). Suman Lab’s comprehensive water analysis will help determine the suitability of your water supply for farming or household usage. We’ll provide a microbial count, breakdown of minerals, and all the essential data you need.

Testing Services at Suman Chemical Laboratories

We understand the importance of providing proper nutrients to your plants through soil, water, fertilizer, and man-made regulators. Our facility coupled with state of art equipment carries out Agricultural Testing Services stated below:

Agricultural Soil Testing

Agriculture soil testing checks the nutrients and pH value in the soil that is ideal for plant growth...

Fertilizer Testing

We test for fertilizer nutrients and provide you a detailed test report that includes qualitative...

Testing of plant growth hormones and regulators

Plant growth hormones and regulators are biochemicals that...

Agriculture Water Testing

Our agriculture water testing service meets the requirements set by Indian standards.

Beyond the key components, Suman Laboratories also provide a Product Composition Analysis to provide a full breakdown of an agricultural product. We’ll work with you to determine the testing you need for your agricultural products and create a custom analysis for your needs and goals.

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