Chemical Testing

Chemical Testing

Chemical materials and substances used in products, construction, and industrial processes are subjected to a multitude of legal regulations, standards, and certifications. This is to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of the products and protect the customers from potential harms linked to the presence of banned chemicals.

Suman Laboratories provide advanced research and testing expertise while performing all the essential tests including chemical analysis, quality control testing, troubleshooting, advanced research, as well as trace and ultra-trace level chemical analysis.

Our team of chemists is trained in the most advanced techniques to provide a wide range of chemical analysis within our chemical laboratories. We have the expertise to help you select the proper method for your application and end goals.

Suman Lab Testing services are at the core of our scientific R&D solutions. We have been solving difficult industrial and commercial issues through analytical chemistry, providing chemical analysis and testing services for companies seeking answers to difficult problems.

Why do companies outsource chemical analysis? Some common analytical testing requests:

  • Identify complex additives in various product types.
  • Verify a chemical composition.
  • Investigate the cause or causes of failure.
  • Assist in determining the source of chemical contamination.
  • Understand the chemical “recipe” of a product.
  • Perform comparison analytical testing between products.
  • Reverse engineer (deformulate) a competitor’s product.
  • Perform chemical analysis or testing in support of litigation.

Testing Services at Suman Laboratories:

Chemical testing capabilities include identification of chemicals composition and diverse analytical capabilities, advanced trace chemical analysis, chemical contamination, and unknown materials.

The chemical analysis lab provides advanced research and testing expertise in accordance with – IS, ASTM, DIN, EN, and other recognized standards.

Types of Chemical Testing and Analysis:

  • Chemical Quality and Purity
  • Analysis of Chemical Ingredients
  • Chemical Trace Analysis..

Trace chemical analysis testing, expertise, and capabilities

Suman Lab detects and measures trace amounts of chemicals in products and materials, low trace, and ultra-trace levels...

Suman Lab Chemical Analysis Difference

Scientists at our analytical laboratories take a customized, client-centered approach to chemical identification...

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