Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

The rapidly worsening environmental conditions are a bane for every country today, and India is no different. The population is exploding, industries are booming, and consequently, the natural resources are depleting at an alarmingly high rate.

Rapid industrialization is the backbone of any country’s progress. It is for this reason that the scientific-minded and passionate environmentalists are working tirelessly to comprehend this problem and formulate ways to stop and even reverse these environmental damages. And that is where environmental monitoring comes into the picture.

Environmental monitoring is a method to analyze the environmental parameters and conditions, which directly impact the atmosphere, and thereby public health and natural resources. Environmental monitoring is employed to comprehend the condition of air, water, and soil. Through these monitoring solutions, the toxicity of air pollution, and the contaminants in water bodies can be detected.

Suman Laboratories focus on delivering analytical services that address current environmental analysis issues. And develop new solutions for challenges in the market that our clients anticipate facing in the future. We provide a full range of environmental consulting & testing services to municipal, industrial, household & private concerns. We will be soon recognized from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) and various State Pollution Control Boards for carrying out various environmental services with high class quality.

Analytical Services for Environmental Monitoring

In a bid to steer people in the direction of environmental sustainability, Suman Laboratories offer reliable environmental monitoring services by way of comprehensive testing of the following parameters.

Air Pollution

We all are aware of the consequences and ill-effects of air pollution, thus keeping the...

Indoor Air Pollution

The purity of air inside houses, offices and buildings is equally important as the...

Water Pollution

The deterioration in water quality is the major cause of several deadly diseases. The toxic...

Noise Pollution

Noise is the most prevalent pollutant in this globalized world. Aircrafts, road traffic, huge machineries...

Soil Pollution

The quality of soil needs to be of high purity as whatever we eat comes from soil. The ultimate...

Stack Monitoring

Stack being the major point source of air pollution, needs to be taken care of regularly. It includes...

Assessment Studies

An Environmental Site Assessment is a report prepared for real estate which identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. The analysis often called an ESA, typically addresses both the underlying land as well as physical improvements of the property. Contaminated sites are often referred to as environmental assessments and are used for many types of construction projects and environmental studies. These environmental assessments and studies sometimes require other drilling-related activities including rock coring, the installation of monitoring wells, piezometers, lysimeters, gas probes and inclinometers. Field and laboratory testing is performed for soils, sub-soils and water.

Why Choose Suman Laboratories For Environmental Monitoring?

Suman Labs have been on the approval process by MoEF, CPCB, and NABL for conducting Environmental Monitoring. We employ the latest cutting-edge technology and types of equipment in our labs, along with our highly skilled technical manpower. Our highly competent team also uses the most comprehensive methodologies to conduct accurate and detailed tests. Our environmental monitoring services are aimed to help you with assessing the effects of modern lifestyles on the environment. These results will guide researchers and environmentalists in managing environmental risks efficiently.

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