Textile Testing

Textile Testing

In today’s competitive market, consumers pay more attention to the quality of material and fiber, than to their cost and charges. Therefore, textiles need not only be stylish but also consistently well-made and free from hazardous substances. Before a textile material or a product is put into the market for consumer application, it needs to be checked and evaluated for its quality, reliability, and performance. The properties of the material are checked at different stages of its production and practice under various conditions.

Routine process testing and quality record testing constitute the different classes of testing that are carried out on a textile material or a finished good. Textile testing forms an essential part of textile production and distribution.

Suman Laboratories has a complete in-house facility for executing various jobs related to textile testing. Our textile testing lab is adequately equipped with the latest sophisticated analytical instruments and a team of competent & experienced laboratory technicians. They provide accurate & meaningful testing services for a wide variety of textile samples in strict accordance with various national & international testing standards & specifications.


  • For development & research purpose; the test results and observations help decide the route of production to be followed.
  • Selecting the appropriate raw material to maintain or enhance the quality of a textile material.
  • Regulating and supervising various processes such as spinning, weaving, dyeing, etc.
  • Quality & performance enhancement
  • Investigate the faulty material.

At Suman laboratories, we have a broad range of testing services for clothing and textile sectors which include different types of apparel, garments, accessories, handbags, etc.


  • Fiber test: identification of fiber length, elongation, and strength, etc.
  • Yarn test: yarn count, strength, appearance, twist per unit length, etc.
  • Fabric test: thermal properties, air permeability, thickness, shrinkage, stiffness, elongation, width, crease-resistance, number of ends and picks per unit length, weight of fabric per unit length, etc.

Textile Testing Services at Suman Laboratories

Suman Labs is equipped with the latest technology for testing raw materials and products of textile. We have a complete facility for testing textile materials which carries the below-stated tests:

Product test

  • Garments
  • Mattresses
  • Carpets...

Tests for Apparel

  • Appearance after dry cleaning or washing
  • Crease resistance/recovery...

Mechanical Test

  • Tensile strength & elongation
  • Tear strength
  • Dry & Wet Rubbing...

Chemical Test

  • Solvent extractable matter
  • Fiber identification
  • Moisture content...

Special Testing facilities

  • Flammability test
  • Azo dyes
  • Formaldehyde content...

Colourfastness & Shrinkage

  • Perspiration
  • Washing
  • Rubbing- dry & wet...

By using the testing services of Suman Lab, you can be assured of the quality, durability, and safety of your material and how your product will withstand today’s competitive markets on the basis of performance and customer satisfaction. We can also assess the compatibility of different materials that constitute a final product.

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