Water Testing

Water Testing

Water quality is essential to many different industries and activities in India. Our specialists assess the health of the water and carry out regular tests to determine and maintain its quality, in order to ensure successful production and the sustenance of flora and fauna life.

Water samples collected by Suman Lab consultants are taken back to our own in-house laboratory for testing. Suman Chemical Laboratory is operational 24 hrs 7 days a week and is equipped with the latest range of analytical instruments and scientific equipment. This in-house laboratory service ensures that we are capable of responding to urgent situations, when required.

Water quality tests conducted by suman labs:

Temperature testing

Testing the temperature helps determine the rate of biochemical reaction in an aquatic environment...

pH testing & Chloride test

Measures the acidity of water. Most aquatic organisms are only able to survive within a pH range of 6 to 8...

Salinity testing & Dissolved Oxygen Test

Measures the total of all non-carbonate salts dissolved in water... 

Turbidity test

Measures the amount of particulate matter that is suspended in the water, or more simply...

Nitrate and Phosphate

The presence of these essential nutrients is a good indicator of strong plant life... 

Pesticides & Redox

We measure whether any pesticides are present and their concentration levels...


Testing that indicates the presence of a suite of metals which are not naturally occurring in water...

What makes the state of water change frequently?

  • Soil entering the water through events such as erosion, land clearing, and overgrazing.
  • Chemicals entering the water through fertilizers, pesticides, and leeching
  • Pollution entering the water from the refuse of factories, sewage systems, mines, and service stations
  • Rubbish disposal (both small scale and from landfill)

Regular water testing can be helpful over a long period of time to monitor any changes that occur in water quality. If this occurs, it is essential that the monitoring occurs at fixed intervals from the same point. However, it can also be a good idea to conduct water testing in response to an unexpected event such as a chemical spill.

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